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Why It’s Important to Keep the HVAC in Republic, MO Homes Clean

Households rely on their HVAC to keep them comfortable in their homes. It’s essential to clean heating and cooling systems to ensure residential HVAC in Republic, MO homes works well and protects the indoor environment.

Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air is up to five times dirtier than outdoor air. That’s an alarming assertion, but luckily people can take steps to protect their indoor air quality (IAQ).

One thing people can do is clean the HVAC’s indoor air handler. Wipe it down and keep it dust-free. Not only will this contribute to less dust in the air, but it will keep the handler working its best.

Another thing that affects IAQ is a dirty filter. When an HVAC air filter is full of dirt, it can’t do its job. It doesn’t catch contaminated airborne particles, and the air remains polluted. Replace the filter once a month to improve IAQ.


Another reason to clean the HVAC unit is to protect one’s health. HVAC units are prime locations for mold to grow. Many mold species thrive in moist, dark environments, especially black mold. Cleaning the unit and addressing leaks is the best way to keep mold from growing in the system and sickening the household.


Dirty HVAC units must work harder to do their jobs. An overworked heating and cooling system will break down sooner and need more repairs. To schedule maintenance for one’s HVAC in Republic, MO, contact the local team with over 20 years of experience at Jon Wayne Heating & Air at