Answers To Common Concerns About Commercial HVAC in St. Louis MO

by | Feb 1, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Ensuring that the temperature inside a business is comfortable for both employees and customers is a critical need that executives must address. In addition to lowering employee productivity, an uncomfortable building may also discourage customers from coming inside. This can be particularly true for areas that experience wide temperature swings. For the business leaders that find themselves needing help with Commercial HVAC in St. Louis MO, having two common questions answered should provide more clarity when meeting this need for a commercial building.

Why Is A Business’s Air Conditioner Producing Foul Smells?

Unfortunately, one of the more common issues that a business may encounter is an air conditioning system that is producing foul smells. These smells are often produced by mold growths. In addition to producing an unpleasant smell, there are many people that may experience adverse health complications due to exposure to mold spores.

The only way to correct this problem one it arises is to have the system thoroughly cleaned. By removing the mold, the odor can quickly be eliminated. Also, this problem can be avoided in the future by investing in a dehumidifier for the system to remove any excess moisture before it can cause these issues.

What Makes The Air Conditioning System Produce Loud Sounds?

Another common concern that business owners may experience is that the air conditioner may start to make very loud grinding sounds. This issue can arise for a number of reasons, but one of the more common is that the motor may start to suffer excessive wear. Once this issue starts to arise, it will likely worsen until the motor eventually completely fails.

When an air conditioning system starts to exhibit this type of problem, it must be inspected by an experienced technician as soon as possible. As this problem worsens, the damage to the motor will become more expensive to repair until replacement becomes the only viable option. You can visit here for more information.

Keeping a business’s air conditioning system running smoothly does not have to be a complicated task to do. By understanding what causes foul smells to develop and why a system may suddenly become louder, it is possible for business owners to be better prepared for getting the most out of this part of the business’s building, and when this requires the services of a professional specializing in Commercial HVAC in St. Louis MO, the professionals from Courtney’s Heating & Cooling have the experience needed to handle these issues.

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