How Do Air Conditioning Filters In Kitsap County Affect The System?

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Air Conditioners

Washington homeowners may experience issues with their air conditioning system for a multitude of reasons. However, most homeowners ignore one of the most basic factors that attributes to these issues. Air Conditioning Filters Kitsap County could become the source of numerous problems associated with these systems.

Reduced Air Quality

A clogged filter could reduce the air quality in the property. These conditions could lead to the release of toxins into the air. These substances could increase the odds of respiratory illnesses. A clogged filter could allow these substances to accumulate inside the system and flow through the ventilation systems.

Overcompensation Through Higher Energy Consumption

This condition could cause the failure of major components. When these components quit operating properly, they rely on smaller parts. This leads to higher energy consumption and greater costs for the homeowner. When this is the case, the clogged filter could have caused further blockages and more problems beyond component failures.

Overheated Motors and Component Failures

A blockage inside the system could prevent proper air flow. This causes the system to accumulate heat. This leads to overheating of the motor. These excessive interior temperatures could cause the motor to stop working altogether. The failure of this major component produces higher than average costs for the homeowner. This could equate to longer service disruptions as well.

Immediate Freezing of Coils

When the filter is clogged, the temperature changes could cause the coils to freeze. When this happens, the system continues to run and won’t shut down properly. The temperature inside the property begins to rise and becomes uncomfortable. While it continues to run, the system doesn’t produce cool air and won’t circulate the air throughout the property. It could also produce a delay in repair services while the coils thaw. This task could require several hours to accomplish.

Washington homeowners could avoid high repair costs through basic tasks. The most basic task is changing the filter inside their air conditioning. A clogged filter attributes to several major failures inside these systems. Homeowners who need assistance with Air Conditioning Filters Kitsap County should contact Quality Heating Electrical & AC for more information today.

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