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Considerations Before Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor in Beavercreek, OH

To ensure the air your staff and customers breathe is healthy, business owners should hire a commercial HVAC contractor in Beavercreek OH to perform routine maintenance. Wondering how often the unit should be cleaned? How about the filter? To ensure a long life for your fixed or mobile air conditioner, regular maintenance is essential.

How to clean an air conditioning unit

Do you plan to install an air conditioning system in your business? Already have air conditioning but want to upgrade? Whether reversible, fixed, or mobile, beyond the conventional maintenance that businesses can do themselves, the hiring of a professional is necessary for routine cleaning.

When it works, air conditioning units are adored. But, when they break down, it’s always at the worst time. It is in these moments that people regret not having followed the maintenance recommendations of the installer. With a few quick gestures and a regular check-up, owners can save themselves and their staff from problems.

How to clean an air conditioning filter?

The air conditioner filter is very important-;it is the component that protects people from allergens, pollution, and dust. It is recommended that users clean it every three to four weeks. Here’s how to clean the air conditioner filter, but first make sure the air conditioner is not on.

  • Open the access panel and remove the filters.
  • Check the appearance of the filter. If you see holes, change the filter. If its condition is good, then just clean it with lukewarm water.
  • Let the filter dry in the open air and, once dry, put it back.

A filter that is in good condition protects people from pollution and bacteria. Hire a reputable commercial HVAC contractor in Beavercreek OH to ensure it is done properly.

Maintaining an HVAC unit should be left to professionals

Every fixed air conditioner contains a refrigerant, which can be harmful. Its maintenance, therefore, requires the intervention of a professional to avoid incidents (short circuit, fire, or leaks). The maintenance schedule usually starts with an annual checkup, so do not forget about setting one up in the spring.

It is better to have air conditioning checked every year so it does not suffer a breakdown. Problems always occur during the hotter months. Contact Peck Heating Air Conditioning Refrigeration for more information.