Common Reasons You May Need HVAC Service

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

No matter how well you treat your HVAC system, at some point you are likely to need HVAC service in Macon, GA. Sometimes all the system needs is a quick cleaning, while in other cases you may need a repair or even replacement of the entire system. The most common problems can often be remedied by proper maintenance. We’re going to share a few of the problems most often seen by HVAC technicians and how to handle them.

Lack of Maintenance

It’s important that you have your system maintained by a licensed service technician. Many of the problems that are most common are the result of improper or lack of maintenance. Spending a small amount on maintenance is likely to be more palatable than spending hundreds or thousands on repairs when things have been left alone too long. Call your favorite professional offering HVAC service in Macon, GA, to inquire about maintenance plans.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the easiest and best ways to improve the way your HVAC system works is by making sure to clean out your filters. This will extend the life of your furnace and keep you from needing repairs. When the filter gets dirty, it can cause the system to have issues pushing air into your home. This gives extra stress to the furnace, which can lead to the need for repairs. This is a simple thing you can do on your own so be sure you clean your filters or swap them out on a regular basis.

Problems with Ignition

All sort of things can lead to issues with ignition on your HVAC system. It could be something as simple as a dirty burner or pilot that causes problems like delayed ignition, pilot outage, and short cycling in your HVAC system. It may also be an issue with wear and tear and simply need the replacement of a simple component. This is a situation where you need a professional to ensure the work is done properly and safely.

At Hammond Services, we offer all sorts of services for your HVAC system. We can take a look at any part of the system and do maintenance or handle repairs. If your situation is more severe, we can also install a new system or park. You can learn more by visiting us at website.

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