How Homeowners Can Help Plumbers in Reno While Those Plumbers Help the Home’s Residents

by | May 18, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Plumbers in Reno appreciate certain signs of courtesy when they arrive at a house to fix a problem or install new features. It’s nice when the home’s residents are polite and friendly, but plumbers may need to fully concentrate on the task at hand once they get to work. When someone hangs around trying to engage in idle chit-chat or asking lots of questions about the plumbing process, the project will take longer than it would otherwise.

The home’s residents can make life easier for plumbers by clearing space for them to do their work. If the plumber is working under the kitchen sink, for instance, someone should clear out the cabinets underneath. This is a common area for people to store cleaning supplies and a small garbage can. Airing out the cabinet for a day or two is especially appreciated if it has any unpleasant odors. If the plumber will be working in a bathroom or basement where a cat litter pan is normally placed, the pan should be moved to a different location or at least thoroughly cleaned.

Plumbers in Reno are happy to provide information that makes the residents’ lives easier and can prevent a situation from escalating. For example, if nobody knows where the main water shutoff is, a plumber can show someone after completing the task he or she was called to do. If a leak ever occurs somewhere in the system, being able to shut off the water can be essential. It can mean the difference between an inconvenient bit of water on the floor or a full-out flood.

A plumber also can make sure shutoff knobs at the toilets are in good working order and not frozen in place, which can happen when they are never used. In addition, these tradespersons can identify causes of sewer backups, thus helping people prevent the unpleasant circumstance from occurring again. They can point out what materials people have been flushing down the toilet that is clogging up the system. To have any plumbing project completed and to ask questions about problems that have occurred with the plumbing, Contact us at Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling.

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