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How to Perform Filter Changing for A/C Systems Oahu

A/C Systems Oahu are residential climate control appliances that serve as filtration systems, temperature regulators, and dehumidifiers. For an AC system to work right and use less energy for operation, it’s essential to change the air conditioner’s filter on a regular basis. The following tips can assist with this ongoing task. These suggestions should be incorporated with directions in the user’s manual for an AC system.

To change the filter on an air conditioner, it’s first necessary to locate the filter compartment. This section is typically in the return air duct. It can also be around the furnace. The user’s manual should indicate the placement of the filter compartment. Once it’s found, remove the access panel and fasteners holding the access panel in place. Set these to the side as they will have to be replaced later. Carefully remove the filter. Place it in a bag and take it outside. Use the hand attachment of a vacuum to remove debris and dust from the filter compartment.

A filter can be reusable or disposable. Take a reusable filter out of the bag and vacuum the surface of it. This will help remove a majority of debris on the filter. Next, use an old washcloth or sponge to clean the filter. A simple household cleaner can be used for this job. Make a solution of one gallon water and a half cup of household cleaner. Submerge the washcloth in this mixture. Gently clean the filter without damaging it. A garden hose can be used to rinse it using a slow stream of water. Allow to dry before replacing it back in its former place.

Use the measurements of a disposable filter to purchase a replacement. When these dimensions are not readable, measure the height, width, and length of the old filter. Take the filter out of the bag for this and place it back into the bag afterwards. After getting a replacement, slide it into the slot occupied by the old filter. Replace the access panel and fasteners. For more information on maintenance for A/C Systems Oahu, please talk to an expert at Air Source Air Conditioning or visit Website. This company can handle residential and commercial air conditioning services.