Keep the Home Warm Using a Superior Furnace Repair Service in Fort Collins CO

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

One of the great things about living in Fort Collins is the snow. However, snow means freezing temperatures that seep into a building leaving everything frigid, including the floors. One way to avoid problems like cold floors is the use of heating appliances and the favorite model for many homeowners is central heating. Unfortunately, a heating system can fail for a variety of reasons and these often depend on the way the appliance generates heat. For instance, a gas burning unit can develop a fault in the fuel delivery system. This particular problem usually requires the help of a professional Furnace Repair Service Fort Collins CO.

Gas burning appliances need some way to exhaust the burnt fuel, but the flue can also be the source of heating problems. A blocked flue can restrict the flow of air, which inhibits the available oxygen that a burning flame requires. The solution is to have a reliable Furnace Repair Service Fort Collins CO remove the soot and creosote that accumulates in the exhaust. A little care is required in this task because mishandling the flue could allow the exhaust to escape into the home. Another concern with furnace exhaust cleaning is the amount of time it takes. Eliminating the gunk that builds up inside the flue is difficult. If the contractor claims to have finished the job in only ten or fifteen minutes, then there is a chance that they didn’t actually clear it away. Areas that need to be focused on are the flap that closes the flue and any components that control it.

Furnace Repair Service in Fort Collins CO for electric heating systems can be just as complicated. These appliances take advantage of electrical resistance to generate heat, but this requires some heavy duty electronic components to switch things on or off. For example, there is a controlling switch in the air exchanger that signals the blower when the internal temperature reaches a specific level. The switch also checks that the temperature is low enough at the end of the cycle before shutting the blower off. The former avoids sending a blast of cold air into the building whenever the appliance comes on while the latter reduces damage from metal warping or the moisture that occurs when the metal cools. Contact Paul’s Plumbing & Heating for further details from a trained professional.

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