Annual Checks for Air Conditioning in Leo, IN Ensure Summer Comfort

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you want to avoid problems with your air conditioning in Leo, IN, then you need to make sure you have regular AC tune-ups. You can find out more about the process when you contact MJM Mechanical. A technician who inspects an AC system usually follows a checklist in order to ensure that everything is in proper working order.

Why Scheduled Maintenance is Necessary

Scheduling regular maintenance for your heating and air conditioning units is vital if you want to prevent a breakdown. Having an inspection also helps your AC system work more efficiently and run more safely, thereby increasing the lifespan of the unit. A tune-up also upgrades the comfort level in the home and reduces the operational costs associated with running the AC.

Inspections of the AC should be conducted annually. An air conditioning system tune-up should include a thorough cleaning of the system’s condenser coils. Having the coils replaced also lessens wear on the system, increases efficiency, and, in turn, lowers costs.

Evaluating the Level of Coolant

An inspection also includes an evaluation of the level of coolant. Lubrication of the moving parts of the AC device eliminates friction and lowers energy usage. The inspection also includes a full calibration of the thermoset, an inspection of the ductwork, and an inspection and tightening the electrical connections for safety purposes. Evaluations of the blower belt and blower motor are included as well.

How the Inspection Begins

A trained technician generally performs an AC inspection and tune-up for around 90 minutes. He begins by reviewing the operational ability of the blower motor, thermostat, air filter, bearing, and condenser coil. He also monitors the operating pressure for refrigeration and inspects the safety devices. The electrical disconnect box is examined for safe installation, and the wiring is checked and tightened. The technician also checks for exposed wiring.

You can find out more details about an inspection by researching the process online. If you have not yet made an appointment for maintenance, do so today.

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