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Questions To Ask An AC Contractor In Colorado Springs When Buying A New AC System

Whether it’s time to replace the existing air conditioning system or install AC for the first time, it’s helpful to have a list of questions to ask an AC Contractor in Colorado Springs. A new air conditioning system is definitely a major expenditure. Today’s energy-efficient systems can lower the monthly energy bill.

Checking online reviews and referrals from friends or neighbors can help with getting the names of a few AC contractors. With such an important purchase, it’s wise to eliminate any new contractors. Since an air conditioner is expected to last for many years, give preference to a local company with an established track record.

  • Can the contractor provide proof of bonding and insurance? Will the estimate be in writing, as discussed?
  • What size system is needed? Professionals calculate the proper size with the Manual J Load Calculation. The correct size is important. An AC system that is either too small or too large will not cool the home as desired.
  • Can existing ductwork be used? Does the ductwork leak? Does it need cleaning?
  • Are there any new AC technologies that should be considered, such as a ductless system or digital or remote-controlled thermostats?
  • How energy efficient is the proposed system? What is the SEER rating? Should this decrease the energy bills?
  • What AC brands do you prefer and why?
  • Are any tax credits or rebates available for a new system?
  • Will the contractor obtain all of the necessary permits and approvals required by local authorities?
  • What are the terms for payment? Is financing offered by either the contractor or the manufacturer?
  • What is the contractor’s guarantee on the installation?
  • What is the manufacturer’s guarantee on the unit?
  • Is there a service contract included with the system or is one available?
  • How long will the installation take? What is the expected installation date?
  • Will the old unit, if there is one, be taken away? If so, is there a fee for hauling it away?

Any reputable AC Contractor in Colorado Springs should be able to answer these and any other questions regarding the proposed AC system.

Will the home (ductwork, walls, and flooring) be left as clean as they were prior to the installation?

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