Air Source Air Conditioning Helps Bridge the Temperature Gap of the Sexes

by | May 30, 2016 | Air Conditioners

Sun, surf and manageable outdoor temperatures are some of the highlights of living in Honolulu. However, the vast majority of people are not at liberty to lay on the windswept beaches, gazing at the tide’s ebb and flow all day, or for basking in those temperatures. Most people are confined within the four walls of an office building working at their profession, making a living for themselves. The boss and coworkers are as varied in what temperature is comfortable to them on the ac thermostat, as they are varied in body, size and shape. Certainly, with all the differing body temperatures and metabolisms, someone is going to end up either too hot, or too cold.

A study conducted by the Nature Climate Change journal revealed that the temperature settings in office buildings have been unchanged and standard for many years. Most office temperatures are still based on a predominately male workforce dated back to the 1960’s. That workforce over 50 years ago was geared for a majority of men at that time, and did not consider the changing workforce and the differing needs of women. Because of that, the standard, air conditioner setting was set to accommodate a 40 year old, 154 pound male. That same study indicated that men preferred a temperature of just over 71 degrees, while women preferred the average temperature of 77 degrees.

If finding a comfortable temperature setting sounds like a familiar tug of war in your office, Air Source Air Conditioning will help assist in maintaining a consistent temperature. Office work requires a suitable environment conducive to productive work, and commercial air conditioners in Honolulu helps provide this necessity. The latest technology, along with installation and maintenance experience will help wipe the sweat from the brow of any disgruntled, office associate.

Getting up to speed, and updated with the latest workforce trends is mandatory to alleviate potential battles of the sexes with the office thermostat. Commercial Air Conditioners in Honolulu provides the units to balance the odds of eras gone by. Perhaps, an additional study needs to be conducted that reflects the temperature preferences and differences based on a new standard of America’s, sedentary obese population, not that of an average-weight man or a woman. This could create a whole different set of statistics to consider when setting the office thermostat.

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