The Installation of Heating and Cooling Equipment in New Construction in Farmington, CT

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When New Construction in Farmington, CT takes place for a residential building, it is standard for the contractor to include a whole-house heating and cooling system for climate control. In the 21st Century, not having these features is basically unheard of in new homes in this part of California. Sacramento County experiences both hot and cold weather, and area residents don’t want to put up with being excessively chilly or overheated in their homes.


Contractors of new residential buildings commonly subcontract the heating and cooling installation to a company such as . Instead of employing their own heating and cooling technicians, they find this is the most effective and efficient way to get the work done. The new homeowners then can contact this company when they need annual maintenance on the system.

A Home for a Young Family

Parents with little children are excited about this New Construction in Farmington, CT, as they’ve been eager to move to a house they helped design so it has all the features they want for their family. Young children can be particularly sensitive to hot and cold weather, so whole-house climate control is important for keeping the kids healthy and comfortable.

A House for Retired Seniors

Because of generational attitudes, senior citizens are more likely than younger adults to not care much about central air conditioning. Baby boomers may have grown up in a home that didn’t have this feature, and some of them have expressed pride about not having air conditioning in their house. However, these men and women must accept the fact that seniors tend to be more vulnerable to heat-related health problems.

People of this age often must begin taking medication for chronic health problems like high blood pressure. Some of the drugs to regulate that particular condition can cause extra sensitivity to heat. In addition, seniors are at greater risk of falling and suffering fractures. This risk is worsened when an older person begins to feel fatigued, dizzy or ill because the temperature is too high. Having a central air conditioner in the house is an effective way to prevent these issues.

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