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by | Oct 12, 2016 | Heating Installation, Repair & Service

Few people enjoy really cold weather, but sometimes there is little to be done about those frigid temperatures except to locate a quality source of heat. For the average home, this heat usually comes from a furnace or similar central heating system. The furnace can burn natural gas to create heat or apply electricity to a heating element. The latter is the usual method for many homes because it allows a building to avoid flammable gases and carbon monoxide in the living area. However, this sort of appliance needs a few Heating Services to keep things functioning properly.

For instance, the furnace needs to be cleaned and inspected every year. Part of this inspection involves the combustion or heating chamber because flammable dust and debris can collect there. This is especially true on appliances like the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Think about it this way: while the AC aspect of this appliance is operating it allows, or even forces, any floating debris into open areas like the heating chamber. After months of disuse, the furnace could get very dirty and ignite a fire when it is first used. The homeowner will notice the issue by the acrid smell that occurs when the appliance is poorly cleaned.

One of the most important Heating Services available is testing a fuel burning system and there are a variety of these available. Heating systems can use oil or gas for creating heat or to heat another medium such as water. The latter method is used in hydronic heating systems otherwise known as radiant heating. Radiant systems tend to be preferred by some folks because of their perceived safety. That is, the dangerous aspect of the appliance can be placed in an outdoor shed or similar location and the heated water piped inside.

Another method of indoor heating is the heat pump. This is a simple system that uses principles of refrigeration for moving heat. That is, the system compresses a refrigerant that is then cycled through a heat sink and into the building. The most common heat sink is the air, but water and earth will also work. The beauty of the heat pump is that it can be reversed so the building can be cooled as well.

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